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Jonesin' for Show

Be INSPIRED and take OWNERSHIP of your life with the tips offered in each episode of the Jonesin' for Show! Your host an avid outdoorsman, motivational speaker and coach Spencer Jones will help you chase your passions and live your life to the max through solo shows and interviews of people living their life the MAX!


Through stories of his trials and errors to success you will be inspired in each episode!


Learn strategies that you can implement today to start or continue crushing your goals and life!

Awesome Guests

From Olympians to movie stars and so much more. You won't want to miss out on our amazing guests!


There's no need to be stuffy! Spencer lets loose and has fun as he helps you live your life to the max!

Welcome to the Jonesin' for Show Page! The show that will help you chase your passions and live your life to the max. Below you'll see links to each individual show where you will find the blog posts, videos, and podcast that belong to that episodes. Find the topic that interest you and give it a read, listen, or view! And if you like what you see, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and Podcast! Links to each show are below!

Jonesin' for Show Episodes

----------- SEASON 2 -----------

The Unicorn In You With Joshua Kramer - Episode 9

Self-Image With Allegra Pacheco - Episode 8

Your Number One Relationship With Juanita Kapp - Episode 7

The Attention Gap WIth Wes Woodhouse - Episode 6

Relationships With Marty Hughes - Episode 5

Affect Labeling With Doug Noll - Episode 4

Domestic Violence with Kerri Heddell - Episode 3

Core Values, Culture & More with Todd Kuckkahn - Episode 2

Welcome to Season 2 - Episode 1 (No Show Notes)

----------- SEASON 2 -----------

What Can We Do When Bad Things Happen? - Episode 129

Taking Control of Your Life with Jeff Perdue Atkins - Episode 128

Respond with Love - Episode 127

Professional Dreamer with Ben Killoy - Episode 126

Walking the Walk - Episode 125

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Terri Kozlowski - Episode 124

Finding Your Purpose - Episode 123

The Story We Tell Ourselves with Marcy Pusey - Episode 122

Raising Awareness - Episode 121

Boundaries and Disappointments with Rosemary Clark - Episode 120

Missed Opportunities - Episode 119

Follow the Joy of Volunteering with Amy Tiemeyer - Episode 118

Stop Feeling Scattered - Episode 117

Being You With Brian Bogert - Episode 116

Whoops! I Made a Mistake - Episode 115

Fly Fishing Guide to Pilot: The Importance of Networking and Persistence with Paul Hansen - Episode 114

Investing in You - Episode 113

Laying of Hands with Alison Leitheiser - Episode 112

Moved People Move People - Episode 111

Self-Love with Keyla Mercader - Episode 110

How to Love Yourself - Episode 109

Mental Toughness with Shawnee Harle - Episode 108

Objections on Your Journey - Episode 107

Quadriplegic To Ninja Warrior with Alison Leitheiser - Episode 106

Ways to Be in the Moment - Episode 105

How to Achieve Success with Laura Rubin - Episode 104

Motivation - Episode 103

Growth Through Disturbances with James Heppner - Episode 102

Sustained Success - Episode 101

3 Ways to Stay Positive - 100th EPISODE

Finding Life Balance - Episode 99

Awkwardly Strong with Jessica Smith - Episode 98

It's Okay Not To Be Okay - Episode 97

Cancer, Boundaries, and Discovering Me With Julia De'Caneva - Ep. 96

Raising Your Vibration - Episode 95

Creating Self-Empowerment with Patrice Bisiot - Episode 94

Science & Affirmations - Episode 93

Train Your Brain with Melissa Hergert - Episode 92

Self-Hate - Episode 91

Gaining Confidence with Nicole Bonecki - Episode 90

You Are Enough - Episode 89

Baby Steps - Episode 88

Embracing Hardships - Episode 87

Confidence VS Ego - Episode 86

Happiness Mindset - Episode 85

Ultimate Growth Hack - Episode 84

Dealing & Releasing Stress - Episode 83

Turning the Bad into Good with Meghan Holder - Episode 82

Reaction VS Response - Episode 81

Finding Your Truth with Steve O'Connell - Episode 80

Embracing Positivity - Episode 79

The Game of 10 with Steve Barton - Episode 78

Staying Positive in a Tough Situation - Episode 77

Releasing Happiness from the Outcome with Rhett King - Episode 76

Step Into Your Awesomeness - Episode 75

Find Your Voice with Amy Sinha - Episode 74

Being Mindful about Mindfulness - Episode 73

Mastering Food with Kelly Flagg - Episode 72

Mindfulness - Episode 71

Essential Oils with Haley Schell - Episode 70

Letting Go of Anchors - Episode 69

The F's of Life with Jesse Cruz - Episode 68

Guilt & Forgiveness - Episode 67

Building Self-Esteem with Amy Kraus - Episode 66

5 Ways to Conquer Fear - Episode 65

Life on Credit: Improving your Credit Score with Jessica Peterson - Episode 64

Life's Algorithm - Episode 63

Find Your Fuel with David Russell - Episode 62

5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence - Episode 61