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Big Goals with Ironwoman Alysha Krall

Big Goals with Ironwoman Alysha Krall

Do you want to accomplish and conquer something big? Do you want to live your best life? Do you like pushing yourself to see what you got? Then this episode of the Jonesin’ for Show is perfect for you! In this episode, I interviewed my friend, Alysha Krall about going after BIG Goals and the steps we should take to reach them. She has currently done 7 Ironmans and over 20 Half Ironman triathlon races. 

How do you decide to go after a BIG Goal?

Alysha had the idea and drive to go after her goal of becoming a pro after her first 70.3 race. She shares the motto that if your goals don’t scare you they are not big enough. Your goals should resonate with you. Something that you can’t shake and sticks with you. When that happens and they scare you a little, then it’s the goal you should go after it. 

Should you hire a coach?

It depends on you and your goals. There are plenty of training plans online and if you opt to coach yourself look at those plans and use them as a solid basis for your plans. Be cautious though. You need to trust yourself and know your body. Be careful to not overtrain and get injured. If you don’t get a coach, having an advisor can help. They can offer advice and you can bounce ideas off of them. If you do hire a coach they can help tailor a plan to best fit you, your body, and your goals. Plus if something comes up, they can help you adjust it, and fine tune you to crush your race.

How do you push yourself when the going gets tough?

Having a solid internal reason why will help you keep going. It’s harder to stay focused when you have external reasons and motivators. Find a strong and personal reason why to drive you.

Visualization and a positive mindset is key. Remember and hold onto the positive moments. Write them down on places you can see. Alysha writes them on her arm and water bottle. Practice visualizing the tough and good moments. Just like anything the more you practice the better you get with it. So when the going gets tough and you want to quit you can use the positive affirmations you have around you to help you. Plus you can visualize other times you have struggled and persevered. You can also visualize what finishing will be like. Like Alysha and me, you can visualize what it’ll be like to cross the finish line. Having that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that you gave it your all 

What advice would you (Alysha) give a person to go after a big goal.

1) COMMIT!!! Sign up, register, whatever it is, commit to it!

2)Work backwards from the event. What steps do you need to take to reach it? Just like setting goals and tasks, create a roadmap for success.

3)Talks with your significant others and family about your goals so they understand and can support you.

Celebrate the small and big wins!

Whatever your goal is, double it! (And yes, that scares me too LOL)

You can follow and learn more about Alysha at her website www.AlyshaKrall.com and follow her on instagram @ironwoman.alysha.krall . If you liked this episode please share it out with a friend or family member! Let’s help them go after their BIG goals! Lastly, please write a review and/or let Alysha and me know what you think about this episode! Thanks for reading/watching/listening and until next time, I’ll catch you all later!