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Positivity & Perseverance with Judith Clarke-Nixon

Positivity & Perseverance with Judith Clarke-Nixon

Judith Clarke-Nixon is a pillar of positivity and perseverance! Even when she was diagnosed with cancer, she stayed positive, helped encourage others, and conquered the disease! I am lucky to have gotten to know Judith through our fitness group where she has been a constant source of inspiration for me and many others in the group.

Judith has been in the natural food industry for many years with her family having stores in New York. She graduated with a design degree and helped her father with designing a new store to be built. When designing the store she learned about vitamins and how to eat healthy and nutritious foods can help her live her best life. Then, her family sold the business and Judith decided to go work for the competition. The competition also sold out, so she went to go work for another store that was bought by Amazon. Many changes started occurring, and so she decided to get out of that to work closer to home so that she could help her son get ready for college. Currently, she works for Macy’s and is still growing her knowledge about fitness and vitamins. 

In 2017, Judith made an appointment for a mammogram and found out that she had dense tissue, which could lead to breast cancer. This came out to be cancerous, and if she didn’t get rid of it, she would wind up with cancer in just a few years. After doing a lot of research she found out that it could have been caused by stress or antibiotics. The cancer that she had would continue to spread if she didn’t get it removed. She had radiation therapy to try to get rid of it and luckily it worked! Judith was cancer free! It is incredible that she persevered through that journey and managed to catch the cancer when she did. She also managed to continue with her workouts and continue spreading positivity in our workout group! I didn’t know at the time what she was going through, and I never would have been able to guess. Now knowing it, it’s incredible to see how she was able to continue spreading positivity through it. 

Judith says that she managed to stay positive with the support of her family and friends. She always had someone willing to help her and encourage her so that she could get through it, and it was a great motivator for her to continue pushing on. Another thing that helped her was that she started doing meditation and positive affirmations. Judith believes that she may have gone crazy without her workouts and everything else that she was doing at the time! 

Meditation was something that Judith used to do before her son was born, so it wasn’t entirely new to her. She decided to pick it back up from the advice of a friend. Judith was very stressed, for obvious reasons, and meditation was very helpful in calming her down. Then she began reading about affirmations and gratitudes and she began adding those into her life as well. I can only imagine how stressful having cancer in your life would be, and I’m very glad she was able to find meditation and other things to reduce stress. Judith also tried her hardest to stay away from negative people, who would only get rid of her positive mindset. Negative people were causing her to question whether or not she was doing the right thing, and she knew that she had to keep going with what she was doing, because treatments are different for everybody. 

If somebody else is going through some struggles and they’re having difficulty getting through it, Judith first suggests finding support from family and friends. Having somebody at your side to help you through can make all the difference. She also believes working out is helpful, even if it is just taking a walk! Taking a walk can help you to clear your head and put you into a positive mood. Being grumpy is never a good state to be in, try being goofy for just 20 seconds! Do a crazy dance or listen to fun music, it can put you in a better mood for the rest of the day! 

Learn more, be inspired, and follow Judith on Instagram at fierce_warrior52 where you can see her workouts, as well as the positive affirmations she posts every day.