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Mentors & More

Mentors & More with Scotty Mo

Scotty Mo is a fitness guru, a golf pro, he has been featured in many fitness programs by Tony Horton, and he inspires me and many others to go after their goals and chase their passions. In this interview we talk about how mentors changed his life and how working with a mentor can improve your life.

I first met Scotty Mo in a Facebook group through Tony Horton, where he shares his workout with others. He played school sports while growing up, in college he played soccer, and he went to Hawaii where he began picking up golf. For a few years there was no fitness in his life other than playing golf. He moved back to Los Angeles and started a family. He ended up seeing Tony Horton on TV and wanted to be fit like him. That’s when he started doing P90X and lost 40 pounds and he continued working out from there. 

Scotty considers Tony Horton as his mentor. The relationship started through the TV screen and has grown to where they are now good friends. He started listening to everything Tony was putting out. Tony’s messages really struck a chord with him so he kept going with it. After completing P90X he joined Beach Body as a coach, he got certified in P90X and met Tony during the certification. When Scotty learned Tony was a big skier, he saw another connection, since he also loved skiing. Eventually he was contacted by Beach Body and asked to do a collaboration with Tony. The two of them became friends and have done many things together, including working out. While Scotty is a golfer by profession, he absolutely loves the feeling he gets from working out and encouraging others to do the same. 

If you are searching for a mentor, Scotty would suggest listening and watching several different people. Don’t commit to the first person you watch or listen to unless they really resonate with you. There are so many great people out there you can learn from if you just keep looking around. Once you find someone you like and their message resonates with you, keep following and working with them. The person doesn’t have to be a certified coach or trainer, it could just be a normal person in life who has a great message to spread. You can have more than one mentor too! You can have a different mentor for every different thing that you do. Scotty has a mentor for yoga, for finance, and other things as well. Mentors can change over time too, if somebody’s message isn’t resonating with you anymore, go find somebody else with a message that you do like. Once thing that is important when it comes to mentors, is they need to be willing to adapt and change. People who continuously do the same things without ever changing to fit any new needs are not as successful as the people who do continue to try new things. 

When it comes to personal development, Scotty tries to meditate as much as he can, and he also looks at the personal development things that Tony Horton puts out. Scotty also journals most days in the week, writing down goals and the things he needs to work, writing down what he’s grateful for, and other things like that. There are so many different books you can check out if you are interested in getting more into personal development. When I was younger, I didn’t believe in personal development, but after I read my first book on the subject, I got very deep into it. So much so that I wrote my own personal development book called “Chase Your Passions. You can learn more about it by CLICKING HERE. I believe that exercise is great of course and you need to be physically healthy but I also believe that being mentally healthy is just as important and personal development can greatly help with that aspect. 

If you want to inspire other people, remember that people are always watching you, and you don’t always know who’s watching you. Keep spreading your message out and continue spreading positivity. Scotty is always inspiring me by continuing to push myself, put out new content, and sharing all of the awesome things that he does. You can find Scotty as well on Instagram @Scotttymo and @Scottymogolf 

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