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Saying Yes to What's Right for You

Saying Yes to What's Right for You

We have two choices in life, either yes or no. Everyday we have to make a hundreds if not thousands of choices. Many times we make the decisions without even thinking and don’t even realize it. It’s time to stop going blindly through life and making these decisions. Instead be intentional with your choices. Here’s how you do it so you know you are saying yes to what’s right for you!

What are your priorities?

Priorities are things that are non-negotiables for you. You will devote 100% of your energy and time towards them. They make you happy, feel fulfilled, and help you live your life to the max. Take some time to think about and consider what your priorities are. They can be anything but need to resonate with you. They can be about your family, goals you would like to achieve, a project, a hobby, anything! As you are brainstorming, start to write them down. After you have written down the list, rewrite them again making sure that they all are real and true priorities to you. Do know that your priorities will shift and change depending what season of life you are in. They can change depending on the literal seasons, or maybe a year, or decade, or ??? Just know that the ones you have now will most likely change and you need to be able to recognize it and make the changes as needed. 

Say yes to what aligns!

You will be presented with multiple opportunities and choices in your day to day life. Some will be bigger than others. The small ones won’t impact or change your life drastically, like where you have dinner, while others can make a bigger difference, like taking on a project at work. When those bigger decisions present themselves take the time to compare them to your list of priorities. Do they align with your list? Don’t compare them to what you think other people want or expect of you. Compare them to your list.

Remember that when you say yes to something you are saying no to other opportunities. That means that if you say yes to something that does not align, you are potentially saying no to something that does align. The reverse is just as true. If you say no to something, you are giving yourself the opportunity to say yes to something that aligns.

Don’t be a yes person. 

 A yes person is a person who just says yes to every opportunity that presents itself. We only have a certain amount of energy and time. Why waste it on something that isn’t important to you and doesn’t align? Instead, devote your precious time and energy to the things that are important to you and align with your priorities. If you say yes to too many things, you won’t be able to give the appropriate time and energy to each one. This results in mediocre results or at the very best, it will not be your best work.

It can be hard to admit but you are doing a disservice to the other person or people involved if you say yes when it doesn’t align. You won’t be as committed, focused, and won’t give it the energy it deserves. The result is a lackluster result. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, be strong and admit that someone can do it better than you because it aligns with their priorities and let them take it on. Say no to the opportunities that don’t align so that project/item can be the best it can be.

If you are unsure if something aligns with your priorities you can ask a trusted family member or friend. To be totally honest though, if you aren’t gung ho about the idea/project then it most likely doesn’t align and you should say no. If it aligns, then you will be excited about it!

Say yes to what’s right for you and no to everything that doesn’t align with your priorities. Your stress will go down, you will have more peace of mind, and you will have more balance in your life.