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Ultimate Success Formula with Doug Fitzgerald

Ultimate Success Formula with Doug Fitzgerald

This episode of the Jonesin’ for Show I talk with Doug Fitzgerald, author of ONESHOT. ONELIFE. Doug has had quite the journey helping people find success and has recently put it all into his book. Our interview goes in many directions but we discuss the 5 steps of his Ultimate Success Formula and discover an overarching message that we need to step outside our comfort zone.

Below is a quite synopsis of the Ultimate Success Formula. If you would like to learn more and hear the rabbit holes we travel down, watch and/or listen to the show on YouTube or iTunes or Google Play! Plus get a copy of his book at www.oneshotonelife.com

The steps for the Ultimate Success Formula

1)Clear Priorities

Priorities instead of goals. Why? Because priorities are vital while goals are something some people can leave. So set a clear priority!

2)Find a Proven Plan to achieve your priority

Stop wasting time! There are plans out there and people out there to help in every situation. Find one that is proven to have worked and that it clicks and works with you and move onto step three.


This is a hard one but take the leap of faith, step outside your comfort zone and implement the plan that you found. Master the persistence of doing the daily work to reach your priority.

The next two steps are multipliers. These will accelerate you to achieve your priorities that much faster and better.

4)Regularly evaluate where you are and how you are doing.

The power of evaluation is undervalued. Take the time every week/month/quarter to evaluate how you are doing. Are you persisting? Is the plan working? What needs to change to help if anything?

5)Tap into the power of having a success partner.

Having an accountability partner or group will be a huge help. Why? Because they will not only motivate you but they will hold you responsible, lift you up when you struggle, and celebrate your success with you.

Through research Doug found that most people’s priorities fit within these 5 categories: Money, People, Faith, Work, and Health. He offers some of the proven plans in his book, on his website, and in his mastermind groups.

Be sure to watch or listen to the show for all the fun nitty gritty of the Ultimate Success Formula. And don’t just stop there, get your copy of ONESHOT. ONELIFE today, check out his mastermind groups, and so much more at www.oneshotonelife.com