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Season 2 Episode 2

Who are you? Think about the question for a moment. Do you answer with your name, what you do for work, how you are seen in relation to others? You are more than your status in society, who are you underneath your iceberg? Today Todd and I discuss how to find out who you are based on core values, culture, and more. We also discuss leadership, how to make a Monday feel like a Friday, as well as actions steps and advice to live your life to the max. 

Todd Kuckkahn is a teambuilder, and a part of my mastermind group. He worked in a safe full-time work space when his friend Shawn Douglas asked him, whose dream are you living? That question changed his life. He left his job, became a sola pinor (how do you spell this Spencer?), and has been living the dream ever since. Are you living your dream, or are you in the rat race? Are you surrounding yourself with people who support your values? Do you know what your values are? If these questions are hard to answer, don’t worry. We are here to support you!

Todd’s program helps people find their values by getting them in a positive headspace, asking them to reflect on moments that made them feel awesome, moments that were challenging, reflecting on the feelings that come up, giving them a list of 100 words, having them pick 20 of those 100 words, and eventually narrowing those down to 5 words. Those words are our core values, and Todd shares his 5: trust, honestness, enthusiasm, optimism, and teamwork. Twice per day Todd reminds himself of these values so he lives his life in a way that’s most meaningful for him. 

When you know your values, you can know who you are. For me, I know I’m an igniter. I fan the flames inside others. Todd is a team builder. Who are you? 

How do you make Monday feel like Friday at work? Everything depends on who we’re surrounded by and how we interact with them. There are amazing and challenging moments both at work and home. One major tool in making work safe and comfortable is encouraging people to share. If someone seems to be having an off day, ask them if they need support. Todd tells us why he thinks politics and religion should come back to the work space, because we can choose to respect people, their beliefs, and their feelings. This empathetic and loving environment makes work more productive and engaging, rather you’re a CEO or any employee. Managers and CEO’s could also show this empathy by allowing people time off, or understanding if someone needs to leave early for whatever reason. 

What are you going to do to make your dreams come true? Todd advises, it’s your decisions not your conditions that determine your trajectory. It’s your choices about your deck of cards that will get you where you want. You got this, and we are here to support you. 

Please reach out to Todd at todd@toddkuckkahn.com or visit his website at toddkuckkahn.com, you can also find Todd on Linkedin and Facebook.

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