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Live Your Life to the MAX with the guidance of Spencer!

  • Do you feel stressed? Almost like there isn’t time in the day to get everything done? 

    Have tried a variety of strategies and products to improve your life with limited success?

    Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

    You deserve to Live Your Life to the Max! You deserve to be happy, less stressed, and to be there for your family.

    Let Spencer Jones guide you to your next level! There’s no gimmicks and no time for bs with Spencer. Your time and money matters, so why waste it! Benefit from the years of experience, countless hours improving his craft, and thousands of dollars learning what works and what doesn’t.

    You are in the right place if you are looking for:

         -Being in Control of Your Life

         -Having Energy, Drive, and an inner roaring Fire

         -Reducing Stress and Finding Happiness

        -Having Confidence in Yourself

         -Being Physically able to Chase Your Passions

    Isn’t it time you finally have success and can live your life to to the max? Spencer offers a variety of coaching plans and even custom challenges that will help you not just achieve but conquer the next level in life!

    If you are ready to start flying and not sitting on the bench, contact Spencer now about becoming your guide!

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    Learn More About Spencer Jones

    Spencer is an outgoing, energetic, fast paced person who wants results. And he wants them fast! Ever since he was a kid he was living his life to the max. Doing things like building a go kart from scratch, magic tricks at a local mall, playing the piano, oboe, and more. This lifestyle continued as Spencer grew older. He became the organist and choral director at a variety of churches, taught middle and high school choir, did a live cooking show, crushed a half ironman, and took up kayak fishing where he traveled across the United States filming his adventures in a mini series. However all this started to take a toll on his health. Spencer noticed he wasn't able to do what he loves as easily as before. So he put in the work. He lost over 40 pounds and is now in the best shape of his life.

    All of this is great but Spencer started to feel a call towards helping even more people. He believes that he is a teacher and was put here to help others. Reflecting on his life, he has always helped people by offering tips, advice, his time, and anything that he could to help others reach their goals. In 2020 Spencer retired from teaching in the classroom to go full time in his own business, Jonesin' for. Through coaching, live events, along with his books he is expanding his reach to help as many people reach their goals and live their life to the max.  

    Because of the many experiences in a variety of areas Spencer has found what he feels is the key to living your life the MAX. And those are the 3 Roots. The 3 Roots philosophy is the foundation of Spencers' life, what he coaches people to use, and speaks about. Now, he wants to help empower you. Spencer wants to help you reach your full potential and unlock the awesomeness that is inside you. Invite him into your life to listen and hear your goals. Then work one on one with him to create a plan that will help you stop “falling off the wagon” and dominate and drive it! Through the 3 Roots philosophy, his experiences, and listening to you, Spencer will help you create the life you need so you can live your life to the MAX!

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