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Jonesin' for


  • Join The CHALLENGE
  • Push Your Body

  • Master Your Journey 

  • Conquer the Challenge

  • This unique event will force you to step outside your comfort zone and step into becoming the hero you deserve to be. 

  • Launch Yourself to Your Next Level


    5 Personal Growth Seminars

    Challenge your mind and grow through the variety of seminars including: Overcoming Obstacles, Nutrition, The 3 Roots of Living of Your Life to the Max, and more!

    6 Specialty Workout Sessions

    Challenge your body and overcome obstacles with the physical part of the event. You'll have success at things like: Jiu Jitsu, Obstacle Challenge, Self Defense, a Ninja Course, and other awesome sessions!

    2 One on One Coaching Meetings

    Conquer the challenges you set for yourself with this exclusive one on one meeting with Spencer Jones. Together you will clearly identify where your goals and create your own roadmap to success and achieve them!

    Join The CHALLENGE

    What are the Challenge Days?

    This unique two-day event will guide, teach, and show you how to MASTER yourself and CONQUER your own personal journey! Mix it up from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and join new friends who are on their journey and will support you on yours. Together, you will CRUSH new challenges like the ninja course, obstacle challenge, and more. You'll grow your mind through various sessions like Crushing Goals, Overcoming Obstacles, and Nutrition. Create STRONG new friendships and memories that last a LIFETIME as you conquer the challenges and achieve your goals!

    Join The CHALLENGE

    How does it benefit me?

    You will become a strong hero by learning, stepping outside your comfort zone in a safe environment, and growing stronger through the variety of seminars, sessions, and coaching: 

    -Obstacle Challenge

    -How to Crush Your Goals Workshop

    -Overcoming Obstacles Workshop

    -Fuel Yourself for Success Workshop

    -Self-Defense Session

    -Jiu Jitsu


    -Ninja Course

    -Breath work

    -One on One Coaching Sessions

    Join The CHALLENGE

    Value of the Challenge Days

    How much do you put on accelerating your growth and reaching your goals faster? What about the value of being surrounded by a super supportive tribe? In the video I share how we came up with the cost and compare it to other events you could participate in. 

    For example, you could pay to do a half ironman for $300. That is only 6-8 hours long with some snacks and light food. Plus you have to provide your own bike, wetsuit, get coaching, etc. A full ironman is around $650-700 plus all the other expenses and that is 10-14 hours.

    The two-day Challenge Days will push you and allow you to accelerate your growth through engagement with multiple presenters and various physical challenges. The cost of this event includes all events, speakers, challenges, and meals and snacks! You'll escape the hustle and bustle and be surrounded by an amazing, supportive community. Don't miss out and join us by filling out the form! Just click the "Join the CHALLENGE" button!

    Join The CHALLENGE

    More Reasons To Join

    You won't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your growth, try new and unique challenges, plus create awesome friendships! Here's what you will get when you join the Jonesin' for Challenge Days.

    -5 Personal Growth Seminars designed to help you have the skills you need to live your life to the MAX. (Valued over $500)

    -6 Specialty Workout Sessions where you will not only challenge your body but your mind by getting you to step outside your comfort zone, try something new, learn new skills, and have amazing break throughs. (Valued over $650)

    -2 One on One coaching session with Spencer where you will take what you learned from the weekend and create a plan, implement strategies, and have guidance to help you reach your goals even faster! (Valued Over $500)

    -All meals and snacks (Valued over $125)

    -The support and camaraderie of an amazing community (Priceless)

    That is over $1725 of incredible and unique experiences you get for $750. We limit the event to only 12 people so you know you will get to know everyone, create great friendships, and walk away with amazing memories and all the tools and fire to CONQUER your life!

    The next Challenge Days is slated for May 1st & 2nd 2021. Join the Challenge today so have the best chance of attending the next event!

    Join The CHALLENGE

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