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Raising Your Vibrations

Raising Your Vibrations - Episode 95

Have you ever just felt off? Or maybe you walked into a place and something seemed off and left you feeling uneasy? There is nothing wrong with it or with you. It happens to everyone who is open to seeing/feeling it. What you are feeling are the vibrations. The vibrations of the place you walked in, other people, yourself, and of the earth. It’s crazy how much we feel vibrations without even realizing it. When you are feeling great, you vibrate at a high level. And when you feel like junk, you have a very low vibration. It’s no fun to be low, so in this episode I share a few strategies to help you raise your vibrations allowing you to feel amazing!

What are your vibrations? You might have heard me talking about it before, but what exactly is it? Everything in the world is made up of energy, of vibrations. The words I’m saying come out as sound waves causing vibration. Then when you hear my words, the vibrations go through your ears allowing you to hear what the sounds that I’m making. But it’s not just sound that are vibrations, energy is vibrations. Ok, let’s be real, absolutely EVERYTHING in the world is vibrations. How does a microwave heat up your food? It speeds up the vibrations of the atoms in the food. Everything in the world is made up of atoms that are all vibrating. You may not be able to see it, but it’s all there. The thoughts that you think are all vibrations. To have a thought you need to have energy to fire your neurons. Think about your energy levels. What kind of energy do you have? I am physically and mentally very energetic, my vibrations are very high, however they can get extremely low too. When I allow my inner bully to start beating me down, my vibrations can get so low that it’s hard for me to do anything. People who struggle with depression can have very low energy like that. If you want to be more positive, be happier, and raise your vibrations I have five strategies that will help you get there. You are worthy of having more energy in your life. You can change your impact on this world. 

My first strategy to help you raise your vibrations is to do something you love! Chase your passions! I personally love kayak fishing, hiking, running, just being outside. It fires me up! Maybe you love camping, but you can’t go camping because it’s winter. Take a few minutes to research a new camping spot, search for some new gear, read a blog about camping, do something that reminds you and fuels your passion. Get yourself excited about your passions and then once you’re able to, go for them! Chase your passions and raise your vibrations!

The next strategy that will help you raise your vibrations is to release the weight that lowers your vibrations. That weight might be thoughts, beliefs, people, situations, etc. But they are slowing you down and making you work a lot harder. Once you release the weight you will be able to fly! Let that weight go, you don’t need it, all it’s doing is stopping you from vibrating at a higher level. Do the work to grow and move on from what’s holding you down. Talk to a therapist, meditate, pray, whatever you need to do to remove it from your life.

Another strategy I have is to find and embrace positivity. Even if you haven’t gotten rid of all those weights yet, search for the positives that are already in your life. Embrace those positives and savor them! Enjoy those positives and take that positive energy into you! By taking in the positive energy, you will raise your vibrations. Seek out those positives and embrace them. 

My fourth strategy for raising your vibrations is to do something kind for others. Share your love and your light with other people. It can even just be smiling or opening the door for someone. There are so many ways you can be kind. It will raise their vibrations as well as your own. You don’t need to buy someone a house to make them happy. Smile, even if they don’t smile back keep doing it anyway because you never know if it could help someone.

My fifth and final strategy for raising your vibrations is turning on a song or a video of something that pumps you up and gets you going. Sure, it may not be a huge increase in vibrations, but it can be just enough to get that spark back and get you going so that you can look for the positives, release the weight, and do things you love that will raise you up even more! Have some fun with it! 

I would love to hear what you think about Raising Your Vibrations. Send me a message on social media @Jonesinfor or email me at spencer@spencermjones.com.