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Train Your Brain with Melissa Hergert

Train Your Brain with Melissa Hergert - Episode 92

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could train your brain to think a certain way? To get rid of old habits that aren’t serving you and train it to take positive actions that benefit you? Yeah? I thought so too! I was pumped when I got to meet expert Melissa Hergert from the Brain Train Center and learn how the brain works and how we can train it so we can be at our best. Heck, Katie and I even did some brain training and the results have been amazing!! Less anxiety, more focus, better sleep, just to name a few. It’s amazing! If you want to learn how you can train your brain keep reading because Melissa shares some of the research and how you can train your brain to run at it’s best. Also note that these show notes are a little different. We thought we’d try a slightly different format. They are more like a transcription from the conversation. I would love to know what you think about them!

I'm super pumped for this episode because we have amazing guest joining us today. We have Melissa Hergert from Brain Train Center and she's going to share about how our brain works. Including how we don't use it in the best way, how we conditioned it to think and use it certain ways that might not be the best and how we could retrain it so that we can be our powerful and energized, creating an even more amazing self by using our brain. 

She uses a technique called Neuro Feedback at the Brain Train Centers. Neuro Feed back can be a little confusing so a quick explanation of what Neuro Feedback is a lot of people may have heard of something called bio feedback. It's been around for many, many years. But this is a form of biofeedback directly for the brainwaves. It's been around since the 60s and was created for seizure disorders. Then they realized it can help a lot of other neurological symptoms like ADHD, insomnia, anxiety, concussions, etc.

Our brains are incredibly powerful. For a quick and easy example , think about how we control our breath or how we can change our breath. Once our brain learns something, it wants to fire the same way over and over. It’s using the same pathway. In the first part of working with them they do the assessment and come up with this colorful report map to show the person brain wave activity. They look at it and see that this area of the brain is too fast, this area of the brain is too slow. Now, logically, it's very hard to change. We can could do things like meditate, or do even like hypnotherapy, or counseling, and those are all wonderful modalities to help us retrain the brain. But they can take more time. But the Brain Training therapy actually does a feedback loop using audio visual entrainment to change the behavior of the brainwaves. The training is basically you sitting in front of a computer and have a few wires attached to your head and ears. You watch one of your favorite shows for 30 minutes. The computer reads your brain waves and dims/brighten the screen reduces/increases the volume depending on what protocol you are doing. It’s all responsive based on your brain waves. It’s similar to Pavlov’s dogs. If your brain is firing correctly the screen will be brighter and louder. If it’s not firing properly, then it’ll be darker and quieter. Over the series of 30 minute sessions your brain learns new pathways that are more beneficial and get those pathways reinforced over and over again. 

Brain Training is a fantastic way to fast track the growth you are already doing. Combining it with things like counseling, journaling, doing a gratitude journal, etc. is fantastic because now you are helping your brain relearn and function at it’s best through multiple ways. It’s getting almost constant reinforcement and you are supporting amazing growth. 

If you would like to fast track your growth and help stop some of the brain functions that negatively impact your life, get a hold of Melissa at https://braintraincentersinc.com/ Lastly, I would love to know your thoughts about this episode. Please share them with me by sending me an email at [email protected] or message me on social media at @Jonesinfor. Thank you for reading!