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Happiness Mindset

Happiness Mindset - Episode 85

How many times in our lives we noticed other people say, “I will only be happy IF”? Your happiness shouldn’t hinge on something else, we need to get rid of it because it’s not helping you, and it’s not healthy. Some people will say that not everyone can be happy all the time, there are bad times, there are bad things that happen in life and I totally agree with that. We need to work through hard times but we can learn and grow from them.

One of my ideas that I shared in a previous episode was having Eagle Vision. An eagle can fly above the entire forest and it can pinpoint a single tree or a mouse on the forest floor from soaring way above the tree tops. It can also see the entire forest. Eagles have ability to see the forest and the trees. Try to have eagle vision in your life. See how the little things and events make up the bigger picture. And when you’re overwhelmed by the big picture, look at the smaller moments (trees) and focus on them. Your life is a journey, so enjoy the journey you are on.

The happiness that should be in your life constantly should be there as a result from the joy inside you. The fact that you are alive, you are breathing, you have so many blessings and gratitudes in your day. How amazing is that! Let your happiness grow from the gratitudes you see!

Happiness is being present at this moment. Be happy in this exact moment. I am grateful that you are here reading this while I’m hopefully helping give you some tools and strategies that can improve your life. That makes me happy! If you would like to have happiness that flows from you all the time, search for your gratitude, savor them. Let that energy and happiness fuel you and energize you and let that help you, push you and guide you as you continue on.

Let’s finish with this thought. Life is a journey. It's like hiking on the mountains. When you’re on the summit, you feel amazing, accomplished, and strong. But on the way there you went through some valleys and rough patches where you were struggled. A lot of people struggle when they are in the valley and they say, “Why me?” This is a negative mindset. They have the “Why me?” mindset instead of a growth mindset and say “How lucky am I”. Personally, I’d rather approach it with a growth mindset. When I’m struggling I try to say, “You know what? There’s good in this tough situation, let’s find it.”

Happiness is a mindset. If you want to be joyful and happy in your life, then choose it. Make a conscious choice to choose happiness. Approach all the frustrating and happy things with a happy mindset. See the growth in it. See the happiness in it. Also enjoy the fact that you can learn and grow to be better so you can inspire and help others to be their best.

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