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Eagle Vision 

Eagle Vision 

Eagle Vision is the ability to see a mouse in the forest from high above and be able to hone in on it and see it perfectly, as well as the whole forest. In other words, Eagle Vision is all about perspective.

Putting Details Into Perspective

We all have struggles in our lives that we get so hung up on that we fail to see the big picture. Luckily, there are some steps to get over it!

Verbalize: Speak the problem out loud. This will help you realize that it is a real issue and help put it into perspective as being just a detail. 

Draw Connections: Find how your smaller problem fits into everything else, whether it’s a part of a larger problem or just life in general. Make a chart if you want, it could help you to see how everything fits together.

Putting Big Problems Into Perspective

Occasionally what we get stuck on seems to be a giant problem, and we are so daunted by it that we can’t figure out how to solve it. There are also some steps on how to get over this!

Break it down into smaller sections: Separate the big problem into a few different sections so that you can focus on one at a time before putting everything together.

Break each section into smaller tasks: Once you’ve separated the problem into sections, separate each section into the tasks you need to get done. This enables you to focus on one thing at a time and the problem won’t feel as big. 

Verbalize: Again, speak the problem out loud to put it into perspective. (Be careful though because sometimes this can make the problem seem bigger.)

Visual diagrams can help you to see how all of the little details fit within the bigger problem. Telling family and friends can also help to hold you accountable and just to be there for you. 

Life is like a journey through a forest. The forest grows and expands with our lives. Although some people may share parts of their forests, everybody’s forest is unique. When you go through struggles, your forest can grow stronger. Take time to reflect on your mistakes and fix them for the future. Look back on your life with Eagle Vision to help you understand how everything fits together.