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Embracing Positivity

Embracing Positivity - Episode 79

We all want to be happy and live our best lives! Why wouldn’t we want that? So many times, we shoot ourselves in the foot because we don’t embrace positivity. Many times we feel we don’t deserve it; we aren’t good enough for the good things since we’ve made mistakes in our past. We all have made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to be happy and have joy and positivity in our lives. We put up so many shields and walls that stop us from allowing happiness to come through. I have three strategies that will help you take down those walls and embrace positivity. In this episode I share these 3 strategies and help you live your life to the max!

The first strategy is to increase your awareness. Be aware of the positives and negatives in your life. Be aware of everything around you. The people, emotions, objects, etc. It can get overwhelming and it takes time to develop this skill. When you start trying to develop your awareness, start small. Try starting with your breathing and the feeling of your breath flowing in and out of you. Then expand to your thoughts and your emotions, how you feel in the moment. Open up your awareness to the things in front of you and around you. Once you are aware you can pick and choose what to participate in and put your energy into. 

The next big thing is to know and believe that you deserve happiness. Yes, YOU do! Perhaps you believe you don’t deserve to be happy because of some mistakes you’ve made. I completely understand why you believe that, I’ve made some horrible mistakes that I regret. Even so, we all make mistakes; it's part of being human. The best thing is to learn and grow from it and move on. Even though you’ve made those mistakes you still deserve happiness and joy in your life. This may be the hardest step to embracing positivity, but you truly need to know and believe that you can have happiness and positivity in your life. Sure there are and will be hard times in life, but you can have happiness. 

It might seem like an uphill battle. And well, it is at first. Our brains are wired to see the negatives first because of our fight or flight instincts. When we see a challenge we need to overcome it. For example, if there were a saber toothed tiger in front of you and about to attack, you would need to notice that before you notice how beautiful the sky is so that you can decide whether to flee or fight it. In this day and age, noticing the negatives first doesn’t really serve us. We can make that instinct to see the negatives first switch into seeing the positives first. Look for the positives and the good things in life, be aware of them and engage with them. 

The third strategy for embracing positivity is to savor the positivity and happiness within you. Let that joy and happiness take you over. Think about a very happy memory you have that brings joy to your heart. That joy is what I’m talking about. Savor that feeling and that positivity. Many times, we may just count our gratitudes and see positivity for a brief moment, but we don’t take time to really savor it. We just name them and move along. Naming your gratitudes and tracking them is great, but you need to really take time to actually enjoy them. 

If you want to have more joy and positivity in your life, try these three steps. I truly believe it will help you. Be aware of the positives and negatives in your life so that you know what to spend time on. Believe that you can and should have happiness and joy, and embrace that happiness and joy once it comes to you. If you would like even more help and guidance, reach out! I offer one on one coaching to help you embrace more positivity and achieve your goals! 

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