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The Game of Ten with Steve Barton 

The Game of Ten with Steve Barton - Episode 78

How would you like to get rid of anxiety and stress? Release the negatives of life and just have true joy? If that sounds good, then keep reading because in this episode I chat with mindset coach, Steve Barton about his “Game of Ten” and how it can help you experience true awareness and bliss!

A little bit about Steve first. He was in the flower business for thirty years before retiring at 51 years old and started financial advising. His passion is the “Game of Ten” which you can find on his website www.overthelookingglass.com. Writing the "Game of Ten” took him about 50 years of experience, he drew everything he knew from self-help books, talks, and a variety other things and put them into it. The “Game of Ten” is a mindset that embraces awareness and encompasses positivity, negativity, good, bad, everything!

The “Game of Ten” has ten levels, (surprise I know. LOL) We should all strive to be at a a level ten. At this level you embody full energy of love and awareness of all things. There is no judgement, just awareness. There is no good or bad, positive or negative. You leave the world of duality and instead are just aware. Now while you can stay at this level you can choose to go down levels and reverse the progress you’ve made. However you would be better off staying at level ten. 

There are ways you can move up to level ten though! When you are at ten you are filled with loving energy. If you are at a lower level you will have less of that loving energy in you. To build that loving energy energy up, you need to let go of the negative levels of energy that lead to things like depression and anxiety. Replace that lower energy with the more powerful loving energy. Oftentimes we want to push it away because we feel like we don’t deserve it, or we’re afraid of it. But we should accept it. You need to allow the loving energy to come back into your body and into your life. It’s the pressure of not accepting that loving energy that leads to feeling those lower energy “negative” thoughts. 

Sadly, just trying to be positive and happy all the time won’t work, eventually you will hit a rough point, and everything can come crashing down and the negative energy will come back. Your ego that is trying to keep loving energy away from you and control how much you receive. When you play with your ego, you are going to lose. You need to surrender it, and let it go. You need to say that you will not play with it and mess around with it, you can’t even acknowledge it. When you have the ego put in it’s cage you are left with wholeness and love and happiness. That might be uncomfortable at first because you’ve never experienced it but it is how you can have true wholeness, love, and joy. Know that your ego will do everything in it’s power to not be locked up, aka killed. It’s been with you your entire life. It knows your secrets and what buttons to press to get you to do, think, feel certain things. That’s why you can’t even engage with it. Lock it up, and leave it alone!

One question I had is about entitlement. Especially when we say that we or someone “deserves” something. Steve says that entitlement comes from a place of guilt and shame as well. It comes from the ego which we need to remove from our lives. It blocks the loving energy from coming in. Be aware of the words that you use. Avoid the “should, would, could, need, want, try” words. They come from the ego and bring in guilt and shame and entitlement. For example if you are at a level three (very low in the “Game of Ten”) and want to get to a level ten, drop the ego and fill yourself with loving energy. You will rocket up to a ten. You don’t need to push through all of the other upper levels. The world would be a better place if we all go up to a level ten and do things through compassion and love rather than the ego.

Another wording you can change is about goals and challenges. At lower levels different things can be challenging you. I know many people that say they enjoy taking on challenges because once they’re over it they like the feeling they get. That feeds right into the ego and makes it stronger so that it can throw another challenge at you. When you have a goal to overcome a challenge or to do something. Look at it more as an intention. When you intend to do something you enjoy the journey and work hard to get to it’s completion. Things will unfold in order to make it happen, it takes away a lot of the worrying. Now you are embracing and trying to be aware of once the result is achieved. Many get stuck when they don’t know what is going to happen, but do you ever really know what is going to happen? You don’t really ever know. 

This episode is one that can really bend your mind and have you looking at things differently. If you haven’t yet, listen to it. Heck listen to it two or three times so you can get the most from it. Let me share that when you are at a level 10, it feels amazing! You look at life differently, feel different, and enjoy life much more!

If you would like to work with Steve and learn more from him or purchase the Game of Ten, you can find his website at www.overthelookingglass.com. I would love to hear what you think about the Power Of Ten and the interview with Steve Barton! Please send me a message on social media @Jonesinfor or email me at spencer@spencermjones.com.