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Finding Your Voice with Amy Sinha

Finding Your Voice with Amy Sinha - Episode 74

Amy Sinha has had quite an interesting upbringing. From suffering a rare disorder to becoming a successful singer to a voice over artist. She has learned quite a bit but doesn’t want to keep it to herself. Amy is excited to share how everyone needs to find their voice. Because in finding your voice, you find your inner strength. And in this episode of the Jonesin’ for Show, she shares how you can find your voice and strength!

When Amy was younger, she suffered from many disabilities. She had cataracts when she was a year old, leaving her almost blind. When she was four, she was diagnosed with a rare disorder that meant she couldn’t feel hot or cold anywhere on her body except for in her mouth, she can’t feel pain, and it also led her to developing a type of arthritis, and she stopped growing at the age of eleven. 

She struggled with finding her voice when she was younger but there was one thing that she did love to do. And that was singing. Amy had been a singer all of her life until about two years ago when her sister threw out the idea of doing voice overs. She thought it was a lot of fun and got a lot of great feedback the first time she tried it out, and decided it was something she wanted to continue doing. If you don’t know what a voice over is, it is the voice that you hear in a tv commercial when the actors aren’t talking, or the voices you hear in radio ads or on an animated tv show or in a video game. The voice artist industry is very popular and growing quickly.

Amy didn’t let these disabilities stop her from pursuing what she wanted to do. As a kid, she and her two sisters would sing as a trio and she was in a talent competition. She was accepted into a music college and was classically trained. Then she went on to record with a record label in New York and put out a few different singles as well. That’s not to say she didn’t struggle. For sixteen years Amy felt like she was just going through the motions of life, nothing really mattered or had any meaning to her. Things really started to change for a variety of reasons when she turned sixteen. She started going out to clubs with her friends and acting like a normal sixteen-year-old. Because of her disabilities it was hard, and she would be in pain afterwards, but ultimately she felt it was worth it. 

If you are feeling like you are stuck and are just going through the motions of life, Amy suggests looking at changing your mindset. Do something nice like go out into nature, listen to an uplifting song, just do something that makes you feel good. When Amy feels down, she watches an episode of Friends because she thinks it’s hilarious. If you stay stuck in that depressive state, it starts to spiral, and you just get dragged down deeper. You need to do the best you can at pulling yourself out of it. If you have one thing that you can see a positive in, focus on that and you’ll start to see the positives in other things as well. 

While you might not want to hear it, but you need to take responsibility for where you are. Once you’ve taken responsibility, you can start to do something about it. If you have spiraled down to the depths and have hit the ground, Amy suggests surrounding yourself with positive people. Join some kind of group with people who like the things you’re passionate about. With all of the different social media sites out there these days it can be easy to find a group of people who like the same things that you do, and you can make some positive friendships from there. Having positive people around you to talk to you can do a lot to help lift you out of the depths. Even if there’s just one person that you can connect with, it is so helpful. 

One last piece of advice from Amy to help you in living your life to the max is take action. You need to get out there and do the things you want to do. Step out of your comfort zone, get off your couch and do the things you want to do! 

If you want to connect with Amy, you can find her website at www.amysinha.com and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube by typing her name. Send her a message or an email, she would love to connect with you, especially if you mention that you’ve watch the show or read this summary! I would love to hear what you think about Finding Your Voice and the interview with Amy Sinha! Please send me a message on social media @Jonesinfor or email me at [email protected]