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Mindfulness - Episode 71

One of the newest buzzwords, mindfulness. While the word might have risen to popularity recently, it isn’t a new concept. People have been practicing mindfulness for thousands of years and it is a huge part of living your life to the max. In this episode I share three strategies to help you be more mindful. If you are ready to become more mindful and live your life to the max, keep reading!

First, what is mindfulness. As I mentioned I have noticed that it has become a huge buzzword lately. But with many buzzwords some people don’t actually know what it means. There are dozens of definitions out there! To me being mindful is being aware of you and your energy along with other people’s energy, and how they interact. Along with that, not judging yourself or others. Often times, the not judging others part of mindfulness is what we struggle with most. I used to judge other people left and right, without even knowing them. Honestly, I still struggle with it at times, but when I started making a conscious effort to stop doing it, I became a much happier person. My positivity levels and overall energy levels grew. Now that you know my meaning of mindfulness, I can give you some tips on how to improve your mindfulness, because it can be hard to keep it up all the time. You need to think about it and be intentional about being mindful. I would suggest finding specific times in your day to slow down and stop and think and practice being mindful. By finding small times in your day at first you allow yourself to learn how to embrace it. Then it can start to bleed over into other parts of your day.

One thing you can do to be more mindful is to stop and breathe. When something starts getting under my skin or I start getting anxious, this is the first thing that jumps into my head. I just need to stop and breathe. You need to focus your mind on your breath and away from the things that are upsetting you or trying to distract you. After a couple breaths you could try thinking about a few gratitude’s. Then once you’re in a calmer place you can address the situation that was bothering you or go about your day.

The second way to help you be mindful is when you’re eating. When you eat, eat mindfully. Many times, when we drink, we don’t think about it. Take time to savor the flavor of what you’re drinking instead of just swallowing it. It doesn’t need to be a fancy drink, it could just be water, but whatever it is, take time to enjoy it. It’s the same with food. Take your time to enjoy your food and all of the flavors it has. Be present when you are eating and be mindful of what you’re eating. 

My third suggestion for being more mindful is to go for a walk. Go wherever you want, but don’t put on a podcast or listen to music. Listen to the sounds around you, be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to the feelings you have, the sensations you feel while you are walking, and the emotions running through your head. Try to find something around you that you may not have seen before, such as a beautiful flower or interesting rock. To me mindfulness boils down to being present. Live in the present and notice the things going on around you and within you. Be in the moment, you may not enjoy every moment, but be aware of what is going on around you. 

These are just 3 suggestions to help you grow your mindfulness. There are definitely other ways. But start with these. Get a solid grasp on them and using them regularly. Then incorporate them throughout your day before you start adding more strategies. I know you can do this. It made a huge difference in my life and I know it will make a wonderful difference in yours!

I would love to hear what you think about Mindfulness! Please send me a message on social media @Jonesinfor or email me at spencer@spencermjones.com.