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5 Strategies to Conquer Fear

5 Strategies to Conquer Fear - Episode 65

What’s stopping you from living your life to the max? Take a moment and think about it. It’s ok, I’ll wait. Is it because you are afraid of something? Is fear stopping you from going after your goals and dreams? Is it stopping you from taking risks? Do you feel that you aren’t getting the most out of life because of fear? If you said yes to any of those, then take the time to listen/watch this episode of the Jonesin’ for Show! Why? Because in it I share 5 strategies you can use to Conquer your Fear and allow yourself to Live Your Life to the Max!

Let me say that fear has its place in our life. Fear has saved us humans from many things including being eaten by tigers, jumping off cliffs, and an assortment of injury ridden or even deadly experiences. While fear has a place we tend to be fearful of things that won’t harm us or kill us. Our fight or flight response is strong and we attach it to things that it doesn’t need to be attached to. And in doing so, we stop ourselves from becoming our best selves.

It’s time to stop being afraid of the things that are holding you back. Have a healthy sense of fear. Use it so you can be safe and healthy but put it in check when needed so you can live your life to the max. Here are 5 ways you can put in its place and conquer fear!

1. Identify your fears. What are you specifically afraid of? Verbalize it, put it into words. Many times we feel afraid but can’t really put our finger on why. Take the time to identify it. It’s only when you can identify it that you address it properly and see if you should listen to it or set it aside.

2. View it as an opportunity to grow. Many times we are afraid of failing. Especially when it comes to something new. Instead of viewing this experience as win or lose, or as a success or failure view it as a win/win, or a success/success. Every situation regardless if it ends the way we wanted or not is an opportunity to learn and grow. Look at all situations as learning opportunities. You have a chance to grow and become better, stronger, and wiser. The more you view situations as opportunities the more you will grow!

3. Separate yourself from your fears; they aren’t you. Now hold with me for a moment. You are you. Your emotions (happiness, anger, and fear) are just passing through. Imagine that you are the sky and your emotions are the weather. They offer you a variety of different feelings. You are not your fears. Your fears don’t identify you and you don’t need to identify with them. Separate yourself from them. Imagine you are a scientist and are looking at the fear from a scientific point of view. Analyze it, critique it, but don’t get emotionally attached to it.

4. Do a reality check, with the probability of your worst-case scenario coming true. We build up our fears so much in your mind. So much so that they can become unrealistic. Take a moment and do a reality check. What is the worst-case scenario. Seriously, what is it. What if it were to come true. Many times when we look at our fears and realistically look at the worst-case scenario, we realize it isn’t that bad. It’s something you can learn and grow from.

5. Take the leap of faith, stand tall, and celebrate your wins. If facing the fear isn’t going to kill you, face it! Take the leap of faith. Stand tall and own it! You can do a pros/cons list if you like but go for it. And as you are on your journey, celebrate your wins. When fear has its deathly grasp on us we like to downplay our wins and blow our failures out of proportion. So put them in check and celebrate your wins.

You deserve to live your life to the max! While fears have a place, you don’t need to let them hold you back. Put fear into its place and conquer them! 

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