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Find Your Fuel with David Russell

Find Your Fuel with David Russell - Episode 62

What fuels you? In this circumstance I’m not talking about food, I’m asking what drives you to live your life to the max! In this episode I interview David Russell, an entrepreneur who discovered his fuel and uses his talents to help others build and grow their brand and business! If you are looking to get your fire burning even hotter, let’s find your fuel! You’ll learn how to find it in this show!

First let’s learn a little bit about David. David Russell is not only an incredible person but he has a big heart. He helps business professionals to grow their brand online, primarily through Facebook advertising. While growing up he moved around a lot and was always in a new community. Because his family never settled, he needed to learn how to adapt and to make new friends. In high school his parents decided to move again right before graduation, but he decided that he wanted to stay. Through his job in retail, he was able to get himself a place to stay. As he was working he discovered that one of his coworkers family was displaced from their home. That’s when David decided that he wanted to be able to help people. David says that many issues that people have revolve around money and David wants to be able to help those in need. His fuel for work is that will have the ability to help others get the things they need.

This is a fantastic fuel and mission but it can be tough, especially when money is tight for yourself. David dived into being an entrepreneur to help grow more income so he can help others. When he was first diving into entrepreneurship he was looking at a lot of free information in order to figure out what he could do. One of the biggest things that he learned was to find a coach or a mentor. That was a bit of a problem because he had no idea what he wanted to do. He started connecting with people and found a mentor who he could talk with for an hour in hopes of finding a focus. While they were talking, he was given the advice to check out marketing. David did begin focusing on marketing, and that’s where he’s been ever since. To find his mentor David scrolled through Facebook, looking at the friends of his friends. Of course, he checked to make sure they were qualified, and then he would try to make a connection with them. Many people just want free advice but David knew that these potential mentors were busy and their time was very valuable so he even offered to pay them for their time. When he was searching David looked to see if their values align with his, and if they would be able to offer things to each other. He suggests that if you are looking for a mentor, to try the same approach. Look at who is successful, see if they align with you, and then reach out to them!

David was crushing it in retail because he was really good at making connections. He formed relationships with his customers and made friends with them. Business isn’t just a give and take operation to him, he tries to form relationships with the people he works with. Plus being able to help people also really helps to solidify relationships. Along with that, being curious and asking people about their lives helps build up relationships. Building relationships, he believes, is extremely important. These connections can last a lifetime and you can mutually benefit from knowing and helping each other. Once you build relationships with a few people who you really align with, then you get to know their friends as well which grows your circle even further.

One last thing David would say is find what fuels your growth. Find something you can do each day that will help you grow in some way. If you grow every day, it will really help keep you positive and help push you to keep going. If you want to connect with David, you can find him on Facebook at David Russell. He is also starting his own podcast which will be called the Pickaxe podcast. 

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