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Hush the Inner Bully with Shawn Douglass

Hush the Inner Bully with Shawn Douglass - Episode 58

How many times do you mentally beat yourself up? Maybe you didn’t try something because you told yourself that you couldn’t, you aren’t good enough, or anything like that? To be honest, we all have. And that’s the bully inside of us. It’s the bully that tells us that we suck, that we messed up, that we aren’t good enough, and anything to keep us down and not be our best. It’s time to Hush the Inner Bully. In today’s episode I chat with Shawn Douglass about strategies we can use to tell our Inner Bully to shut up and hit the road. 

In life, we all want to be happy. Shawn shares that the key to happiness is being curious. Because curiosity is the key to growth and growth is the key to happiness. Growth happens outside your comfort zone. While it can be scary it’s worth taking that leap of faith. Many people feel there is risk when stepping outside your comfort zone. Shawn shares the advice from one of his mentors that said “risk is a myth”. Risk is what you perceive. The only two available options are you get/achieve what you want, or you don’t. In either case you learn and grow and become better. So be curious, take the leap of faith and be happy.

The phrase of “Hush the Inner Bully” came to Shawn as he was driving home while helping his father move. His mind was dishing out many negative and self-limiting beliefs. It made him feel beat up. That’s when the idea came to him to hush the inner bully. He shares that everyone has that inner dialogue. Many times that dialogue tears us down and rarely lifts us up.

So how can we tell our Inner Bully to hit the road? First we need to recognize that we have an inner voice. Then Shawn suggests that we don’t take what our inner voice is saying as the truth. We don’t have to play small and listen to what that voice is saying. It is tricky because that voice is always there. It’s a constant “battle” where we continually work at not listening to the negativity our inner voice dishes out.

Then surround yourself with people and communities that help support and uplift you. Our inner voice is extremely powerful. By surrounding ourselves with people who help us change we can dampen the impact and lower the volume of our inner voice.

Changing our environment and community can be tough and scary. Although Shawn offers some great ways to help us make the change. He suggests downloading an app called “I Am”. This app delivers affirmations throughout your day. By doing this you can reprogram your brain to find the positive. But it’s not just apps. There are many amazing groups you can join on social media. For example some of our groups including Spencer’s Energy Hub or our 5 Day Positivity Challenge. (Learn more about the Energy Hub at www.spencersenergyhub.com and find the 5 day positivity challenge group on facebook.) Shawn also suggests finding people who seem to be living the life you would like to live. Whether it’s mindset or physical. Then start to surround yourself with them. Learn from them and grow. What’s the goal of the whole thing? The goal is to surround yourself with people who lift you up, believe in you, and can help you hush your inner bully!

How can we keep our Inner Bully at bay? Shawn suggests our environment and developing the right habits that help keep the Inner Bully at bay. He references the book “The Four Agreements'' and the teaching inside them. One of them is to Be Impeccable With Your Word. If you want to be confident and happy in life, you need to believe in yourself and trust yourself. This comes when you become impeccable with your word. You start by learning to trust yourself and then it develops into confidence. 

It’s time to start living your life to the max. Hush your Inner Bully by building up successful habits, be impeccable with your word, build trust and confidence, and stay strong. Take that leap of faith. You might not know the whole journey but you can know the next step. Take that step and then the next. Keep going and then you will reach your goal.

You can learn more about Shawn and all that he does at his website www.fosteringgrowth.group I would love to hear your thoughts about this episode of the Jonesin’ for Show. Please send me a message on social media at @Jonesinfor or email me at [email protected] Thanks!