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Protect Your Peace with Caesar Hernandez

Protect Your Peace with Caesar Hernandez

How often do you feel pulled and pushed around? Like life is just tossing you back and forth and you don’t have a say in what happens to you. In today’s episode of the Jonesin' for Show I talk with Caesar Hernandez, a successful entrepreneur about how he stays in control and makes the most.

Caesar was born and raised in California, and he loves it there. While he currently is into fitness, and mindset, he wasn’t always that way. He got into it through P90X and Tony Horton. At the time he was tired of not living up to his potential and not having all of the energy he knew he could have. Being a single father, having the energy to do things is very important to him. He began thinking about how he could try to improve his life and his mindset, and he came across exercise and different ways to have a positive mindset. That’s when he decided to get better and help other people who are struggling. He opened his own personal gym for a few years and really enjoyed making a difference in people’s lives. Caesar’s coaching wasn’t just about fitness, he believes that it’s very important to improve your mindset as well. One of the big things Caesar noticed when from working out was how he looked at life.

He was no longer upset when he got caught in traffic, he wouldn’t start yelling when his kids spilled something from the counter.

While my personal journey started a few years after him, there were many similarities. I also started with P90X but I didn’t realize the importance of mindset right away. Once I learned about personal development many new opportunities opened up to me and I started to notice many of the same results and feelings Caesar had.

We all go through stages of depression and other bad mental stages Caesar says. However, a great way to keep those at bay is to exercise, eat better foods, have good conversations with people, and read some good books. If you stop doing those things, the depression could creep back in and try to snag you again. Every single activity through your day will add up for you or count against you.

A few things that Caesar does daily to help himself are what he calls non-negotiables. One of these is getting up and getting a workout in every morning without looking at his phone other than to turn on some music. Then after his workout he spends an hour in prayer. Another non-negotiable is to make sure he spends time with his kids and tells them he loves them each and every day. When he was younger, he had so many siblings that a lot of the time his mom didn’t have time to tell him that she loved him. Of course he still loves his mom, in fact he’s the only one of his siblings that hugs their mom. There are also specific times that Caesar allows himself to do certain things. He gets emails and messages at all times of the day, but he holds off on even reading them until the time that he has segmented to doing it. There is so much more peace in deciding when you want to do certain things, rather than answering people as soon as they send a message.

For years Caesar was helping coach people in how to improve their lives through exercise and mindset. However, he felt that he was in a stagnant position where he couldn’t grow any further. He could see the impact that he was making in people, but he wanted to do more, so he flew to Indianapolis to see motivational speaker, Eric Thomas. The two of them wound up talking, and before he knew it, he was flying to Atlanta to help with marketing for his business. Eventually his relentless pursuit to help people led him to work with Tony Horton, the man who changed his life. Now Tony and Caesar are good friends and they talk to each other almost every day.

By putting out positive energy you can open doors to rooms that you never thought you could possibly get into. Many times things that we think are incredibly important and stressful actually aren’t all that important. We need to learn how to get better at letting things go and realize that there are more important things in life. As you go through your personal development journey, don’t expect everybody to understand. They were there when you were failing or fell through with things. Don’t get offended when people don’t understand what you’re doing, you need to prove that you can improve yourself. And know that you can always improve yourself.

If you would like to find more about Caesar find him on Facebook at Caesar Hernandez. I would love to hear what you think about Protecting Your Peace and the interview with Caesar! Please send me a message on social media at @Jonesinfor or email me at [email protected] Thanks!