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7 Strategies to Complete Tasks

7 Strategies to Complete Tasks

How many times have you started something and then never finished it? We get “shiny object” syndrome and struggle to finish what we started. The world moves at lightning speed and we get distracted by all the cool things out there! I have struggled with it and still do at times. But over the years I have learned and honed in my skills to not be as distracted and stay focused to finish what I started. Do you want to finally complete your tasks? Then keep reading!

I have found 7 different strategies that have really helped me avoid the “squirrel” or “shiny object” syndrome. To start, just focus on one of the strategies. Use it and see if it works for you. Then try some of the others and find the ones or combinations that work best for you! So why wait, let’s get into it!

1)Decide what you are going after wisely Are you passionate about what you chose to start? Is it something that can and will hold your interest? If it excites you and ignites the passion inside you most likely you will stick with it. At times we can’t choose the task and are required to do it. During these moments ask yourself if there is a portion of it that you do like and ignites the passion. While it may not all be what you love, you can and will look forward to parts of it!

2)Create a list of specific things you need to do We can get overwhelmed by our tasks and goals. That overwhelmed feeling leads many of us to feel hopeless and just give up. Avoid that by breaking down the tasks and goals into specific things you need to do to complete them. You can think of them almost like stepping stones. What steps do you need to take and do to complete it? And then write them down! I prefer to write them down physically but digitally works too. Find what works best for you and do it!

3)Set a deadline If there is a time limit, we tend to stay focused. Think about it, if there’s an open ended deadline you are more likely to say “I’ll do that later” or something to that effect. Why set yourself up for failure? Set yourself up for success by putting a deadline on your task or goal! Let the deadline push you but not rush you. You want to complete the task but still need ample time to do your best.

4)Offer yourself a reward How many times did you celebrate your successes? Most of the time we say “YAY” and then move on. Instead, celebrate them. It could be a small celebration, like going for a walk, or it could be big like a company celebration. Whatever it is, small, big, or somewhere in between decide what your rewards will be. And then when you finish your task or reach your goal, celebrate!

5)Everything does not need to be perfect You may dislike me for this but not everything needs to be perfect. Seriously. Perfectionism kills productivity. While you want to do your best and go for perfection know that the finished result will rarely ever be perfect. There is almost always something that can be adjusted, fixed, or improved. So while you are doing your best and reaching for perfection don’t let that stop you from completing the task or goal.

6)Remove distractions How many times have you lost focused just reading this article? Distractions are everywhere! We are surrounded by them. Whether it’s an ad on the TV, a pop up on our phone, a message, a car driving car, the list is endless. But when you are trying to complete a task, set yourself up for success by doing your best to remove distractions. Close the unneeded tabs on your computer, turn your phone over or put it on “Do Not Disturb”, go to a quiet room. Etc. Remove the distractions and allow yourself to solely focus on your task.

7)Have an accountability partner How many times have you stopped doing something because no one was checking in on you? That’s one of the reasons why people hire coaches. Yes to teach them but also to hold them accountable. We don’t want to let others down. So set up an accountability partner for yourself. It could be a friend, a family member, or a coach. Ask them to check in on you either randomly or at certain intervals to insure you are doing what you said you will do. The mastermind group I’m in helps hold me accountable and I help my clients stay accountable as they are completing the lifestyle challenge. So get yourself an accountability partner and crush your tasks and goals!

You can accomplish amazing things when you start to complete the tasks and goals you set for yourself! I hope that these strategies will help you crush your tasks and goals! I would love to hear your thoughts! You can tag me in a social media post @Jonesinfor or email your thoughts to me at [email protected] Have an awesome day!