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Unleash Your Potential with Michael Fabber

Unleash Your Potential with Michael Fabber

You have such incredible potential inside of you. But why hold it hostage? Unleash it! Share your potential with not only yourself but the world! In this episode of the Jonesin’ for show I interview Michael Fabber, Owner and CEO or UnleashU, where he drops some amazing value bombs that will help you unleash your true and full potential!

I was introduced to and have gotten to know Michael through this pandemic. I love how he helps other people grow their business and speaking careers. Like me, he believes that you need to step outside of your comfort zone in order to learn and grow. He believes that everybody is here for a purpose. Everybody can do great things if they’re willing to tap into their gifts and use them. His business is called UnleashU where Michael and his team work to release people’s inner potential. 

Michael was born without the ability to hear until he was three years old and couldn’t talk until four or five. His family was a hardcore military and forced him to go through the same things other kids his age were going through and start school at the same age as his peers. Because his listening and speech skills were different he struggled and couldn’t pass third grade. Since he couldn’t really express how he felt, he would act it out and got in many fights. He was in and out of juvie throughout his younger years. This caused him to have quite a strained relationship with his family, especially his father. He didn’t realize this at the time, but now he believes that the universe, God, or whatever you believe in, was allowing him to get caught to try to tell him to stop doing what he was doing. At sixteen he moved out of the house and was living out of his car or at a friend’s house. Six months before his dad died, they got together for lunch and decided they were going to try to have a decent relationship for his mother’s sake since she was battling health issues at the time. After his father died, Michael was very grateful that he did wind up having a relationship with his father but was sorry that he never had a chance to say thank you.

After a series of poor choices Michael wound up facing at least 25 years in jail. At the same time he found out that he was having a daughter. He didn’t want his daughter to visit him in jail, and decided he wanted to do and be better. The judge did not sentence him to 25 years and he made the change instantly. Michael packed up what he had and moved to Delaware and opened up a restaurant. It was then when he became focused on material items again. He bought a large house, fancy suits, and many other fancy expensive things. Yet again he realized that he was being fake and doing things that he didn’t care about. One day he was playing golf in his backyard and got a call from a friend saying he needed help because he got in a huge fight with his wife. Michael didn’t pay very much attention and just kept playing golf. The next day he got a call that his friend took his own life and his world shattered. Michael went to a beach in Delaware to take his own life. As he had the gun in his mouth a picture fell out of his pocket. It was a picture of his daughter and him. He started crying and didn’t know what to do. While he didn’t commit suicide, he disappeared for about six months. He hitch-hiked across America trying to find himself and along the way he met a bunch of interesting people that were doing amazing things with their lives. 

One of his friends got him a ticket to a personal development conference, and at first he didn’t want to go but his friend guilted him into it. The entire time he didn’t do a single activity or do anything to make people see if it affected him, but when he got home, he broke down crying. Before that moment he saw himself as a victim, but then he realized that he was in control of his life.

Michael has lived quite the life But why does he share it? Why do I share it here? B because he learned from his past. Michael realized that he is the only one that can change his life, and he is the only person who can create the person that he wants to be. That’s when he decided to become the kind of person who helps other people. The way he views life is that bad things are guaranteed and good things are not. However, you can get the good and even great things if you just go for them! But you have to be willing to reach and go for them. Learn from the bad things that you go through, implement what you learned, and you can get better things. 

You can write your own story in whatever way you want too, you can live your worst life or your best life. It’s your choice. One piece of advice Michael would give to those wanting to live their best life, is you have to have a purpose. You may not see it yet but you matter! So keep going. You can find out more about Michael on Facebook @MichaelFabber or instagram at @theCoachMikeFabber.

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