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5 Ways to Ward off Negativity

5 Ways to Ward off Negativity

Negativity is everywhere in our lives, and sometimes it can feel very hard to escape it. In order to live your best life, you need to shed the negativity and find the positives in your life. Here are five ways I have found to do that. 

Look for Positives

In every negative situation you get into, there are also positives. It is your job to find those positives. Sometimes, the positives may be really small, but that’s ok! It can be hard to see the positives if they’re small, but they are there! For example, if you made a mistake at work, it can be hard to see positives in that. Some positives in that situation could be that you learned something from it, and that you can fix it. Being able to learn from mistakes and fix them, are very positive things to do. 

Be Grateful

Be thankful for the things you have in your life. If you’re thankful for things, you’re going to be happier about them. Take a few seconds to think about all the things you’re grateful for, it doesn’t have to be out loud. The things you’re grateful don’t have to be big things. They can be as small as just being grateful that a pet came up to you wanting to be pet, or they can be as big as getting married. 

Have a Memento of Positivity

Have something on you that brings back happy and positive memories to you. If something brings negativity to you throughout the day, you have something on you to bring you happy and positive memories. An example I have of this is a coffee mug that I got while I was traveling. It reminds me of the awesome places I’ve been to. 


Meditation is something that I find very helpful personally, and though you may think it isn’t for you I encourage you to at least try it. Meditation helps to center and find yourself. In life we always tend to want quick results, and that doesn’t always happen. Meditation helps you to slow down. Here are some steps that I use to help with my meditation. First, get into a comfortable position in a quiet area. Then, close your eyes and think of a time you were really happy. Visualize it in your head, and try to put yourself back into it. If distracting thoughts come in, acknowledge them and dismiss them. Third, work through your affirmations and what you struggled with through the day and how you can improve them. You can use a guided meditation if you struggle to get through it yourself. There are many different apps you can find to help out. 

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations help to take the negative things you believe about yourself and flip them around to positives. You need to believe in the things you say, if you do positive affirmations halfheartedly they won’t help. Look at yourself, and the negative things you believe about yourself and flip it around to a positive. Come up with reasons and experiences to back up the positive things about you. For example, if one of your negative statements about yourself is that your weak, your positive affirmation could be that you’re strong. Then, think about all the things you’ve been through that prove you’re strong. 

To recap, I have found 5 ways to ward off negativity. These are to look for the positives, be grateful, have a memento of positivity, meditate, and do positive affirmations. It is so easy to see all of the negative things in the world today, but in order to live your best life, it is important to see the positives, and spread your positivity throughout the world.