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Mental Wellness with Anthony Larson

Mental Wellness with Anthony Larson

Many people struggle with mental health, and sometimes it seems like there’s nothing we can do to help them, but we need to help everyone to chase their passions to the max. Anthony Larson is a long-time friend of mine, and we love going fishing together, when I fish with him I can actually catch something. He helps people who struggle with mental health chase their passions to the max.

Anthony Larson went to college in La Crosse and was in corporate sales, but found it was not making him into the person he wanted to be. He decided he wanted to pursue a bachelors degree of science and addiction studies and communications, and he completed it as a single parent. 

Anthony began working with disabled adults, and now currently works as a program manager of a veteran’s program. One thing Anthony realized is there is something about being outdoors that helps people open up about their lives and struggles. I definitely agree that there is something about being outdoors that cleanses the soul and helps the brain process through everything that is going on in our lives. Anthony believes that being outdoors releases different hormones in our bodies that make us happy. It also removes you from all the stress and struggles you are going through in your life for a while. 

His definition of mental health is the relationship between your body, your health, and your relationship with yourself and others. Mental health isn’t just the big serious conditions, but also how we all relate to our physical, mental, and spiritual being. 

How can we reduce the stress in our lives and that we see around us?

-If you are feeling stressed our having trouble with your mental health, talk to someone! Keeping your struggles inside of you just multiplies the problem and it can eat you up inside and make the problem worse. Talking to someone can help you process the problem and everything you are going through. 

-If you know a family member or friend who is struggling, don’t try to fix them. Talk to them, just like you would want them to do for you, but if things get too over your head, find somebody else to talk to them that is trained. You can refer them to the national mental health hotlines, and ask if you can get in touch with somebody on their behalf. If things are really bad, and you think they might be an immediate danger to themselves, call the police to do a wellness check.

-Something you can do to help everybody, not just your friends and family is be yourself. You can’t take care of others if you can’t take care of yourself. 

Anthony Larson can be found on Facebook at Anthony Larson, or you can reach him through me. Just send me an email or message requesting to connect with Anthony and I'll set you up!