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Whoops! I Made a Mistake

Whoops! I Made a Mistake - Episode 115

We all have made mistakes, but we don’t need to let them hold us back any longer! They don’t need to stop us from shining our light and being our true selves. Don’t let your mistakes stop you from living your life to the max. Move forward from your mistakes. Think of a person you look up to, guess what, they’ve made mistakes but they didn’t let it stop them. What stops someone from being successful or from being happy is they let the mistakes that they’ve made hold them back and weigh them down. I’ve felt that way before, maybe you have too, but we don’t have to feel that way anymore. In this episode of the Jonesin’ for Show I’ll share four ways to help you let them go. 

First, when you make a mistake, own it. Don’t try to bury it or hide it. Own up to it, admit it to yourself and to anybody it may affect. 

Then if it’s possible, fix it. With some mistakes this is easier than with others. A spelling mistake is easily fixable. Maybe you made a mistake on an art piece, that may be a bit more difficult to fix, but it is still possible. However, there are some mistakes that you can’t change, that sucks, but you can learn and grow for it. 

Next you need to take action so that it doesn’t happen again. If you made a spelling error, you could do your best to help yourself remember it for next time. When you make a bigger mistake that you can’t necessarily fix, what can you do to stop it from happening again? 

Finally, you need to keep going forward. There are so many times when a person makes a mistake that they just stop. And then they try to run from it. Don’t do that, keep going! Don’t stop going after your goals and dreams just because you made a mistake. Take the risks because you know you can learn and grow from them. 

Even after having all of those steps and performing them to the best of your ability, you may still feel that weight dragging you down. You need to forgive yourself from making that mistake. When other people make mistakes, forgive them as well. Don’t let your inner critic go after you and keep ripping yourself apart. If you see somebody else struggling with forgiving themselves for mistakes that they’ve made, remind them that it’s alright, everybody makes mistakes. We all need that reminder sometimes. Just the other day I was letting the weight of a mistake I made and was forgiven for hold me down. Some Energizers from our family helped me out, they reminded me that I was forgiven and that they understood, it instantly helped me, and it will help other people too. Find the lesson in the mistake, and then let it go.

Letting it go is easier said than done sometimes. Often times the bigger a mistake is, the harder it is to let go but holding onto that weight isn’t going to help you. Think of it like trying to row a boat with a bunch of anchors in the water. Maybe you’ll be able to move a little ways, but you won’t go very far, and it won’t be very fast either. You need to let those anchors, your mistakes, go. Tell yourself that you don’t need it, remind yourself of the lesson you learned, and let it go. 

We are on an incredible journey called life. We’re born, we have some incredible experiences, then we move on. On this journey, we also make mistakes, it’s part of life. It’s how we grow and improve. You can allow those mistakes to hold you back, or you can grow from them and allow them to make you better. The choice is yours. I really hope you choose to let them help you to grow. I’ve held onto my mistakes before, there are some mistakes that I held onto for years, but I’ve learned to let them go. We are all going to make mistakes, we have already, and we will continue to do so. Own them, fix them if you can, learn from them, and move on. Keep going forward, don’t stop! Forgive yourselves, forgive others if you need to, and let it go. You are too amazing to let that weight hold you down anymore. You are worthy to live your dreams and achieve your goals. You are enough just the way you are, even with the mistakes you’ve made. Learn from those mistakes and keep going. You’ve got this! 

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