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Moved People Move People

Moved People Move People - Episode 111

Have you heard the expression, “Hurt People Hurt People”? It has been said over and over again. But what about “Moved People Move People”? This was a new one to me. I was first introduced to the this saying and idea at an UnleashU Now Men’s Retreat in the Fall of 2021. It really stuck with me and has helped guide me since. And now, I am excited to share it with you.

So first up, what do you think about it ? Seriously, I would love to know your thoughts about this quote. Send me a message on Social media (IG or FB at @Jonesinfor) or send me an email. Now this men’s retreat wasn’t about being macho or one upping one another. It was about how can we truly be men. What does it look like, what does it mean. And this saying was shared there. “Moved People Move People” I’m not talking about physical movement; this isn’t getting shoved or moving from one city to another. This is movement in your soul. To make an impact on your life you need to feel enriched, enhanced, and energized, and you need to feel moved before you can move others. 

I hope that the Jonesin’ for Show and our Daily Energize podcasts move you and they make you excited to do the work in your life to improve different things. When you are moved you feel a flare of energy and when you act on it you get the chance to move other people. Say you’re working at a drive through and you’re just going through the motions, you’re not doing anything special, you’re just there. You could be a drive through worker that moves people because you are satisfying the needs of someone else. You can do it with energy and excitement and make the other people’s days better even if it’s just a little. Some people won’t appreciate it, and that’s ok! It’s still moving you! When you smile and share your excitement in that drive through, you give some of that energy to the people who appreciate it, you move them! Now those people will go on to the rest of their day and they can move other people. 

It’s time to take action. Maybe there’s a cause that really moves you such as climate change or a beach clean-up. Take action to change it and get working on making it better. When people hear you start to clean-up the trash or talk about whatever it is you’re passionate about, more people will want to help. Then those people will talk about it and more people will come to help. Movements happen because people who are moved move more people. 

Find things that move you! Do things to help and share it with others! It can be anything! If there’s an experience you’ve had that you don’t (or do) want other people to have, talk about it to people! Share your stories. Will you join me in finding a movement that means something to you? “Moved people move people.” 

I would love to hear what you thought about Moved People Move People! Send me a message on social media @Joneinfor or send me an email at spencer@spencermjones.com.