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Chase Your Passions

Your ultimate guide to help you chase your passions and live your life to the max.

Chase Your Passions

is the ultimate guide to help you chase your passions and live your life to the max. If you feel overwhelmed, stressed or unhappy then "Chase your Passions" to help regain balance and joy! This quick read is designed to be used to help you discover, create, and push yourself to live the life you want to live. I walk you through different sections of creating a personal roadmap to success so you can live your life to the max. I do this by sharing personal stories and give you step-by-step instructions so you can take the action you need to take. Start creating and living the life you want to live and use the Chase Your Passions book as your guide!

In these pages you'll find stories and descriptions of the following subjects: How to Find Your Passion, Creating and Crushing Goals, Achieving Work, Life, Passion Balance, Time Management and Scheduling, Dealing with Stress, Priorities of Practice, and many more! Start chasing your passions and living your life to the max today with the help and guidance of Chase Your Passions!

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Inspiring…..Challenging……Thought-Provoking. Spencer Jones has done it again with "Chase Your Passions". In this book, you will be inspired to examine your current situation, apply new techniques to help you go after your dreams and spend time in thoughtful reflection. Take the time to explore what this book has to offer – it could change your life! 

Jennifer Long

Certified Personal Trainer

For most of my life I have been intentionally setting goals. Because of that practice, I have accomplished so many amazing things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Being laser-focused on goal setting to achieve my priorities and passions has changed my life and my family’s life, and, it can change your life too. In "Chase Your Passions", my good friend Spencer Jones lays out a very clear, easy-to-follow, and step-by-step roadmap that will lead the reader to success. I highly recommend "Chase Your Passions" to anyone who is serious about taking full advantage of the limited amount of time you’ve been given on this earth. Life is way too short and the stakes are way too high not to wholeheartedly pursue the one life that God has given you. And "Chase Your Passions" is the book to help you do just that.

Doug Fitzgerald

Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Life Coach & CEO

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