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Jonesin' for Card Decks

We have some amazing, high quality deck of cards that can help you live your life to the max! Whether you pick the healthy living challenge deck or the positive affirmations you can use them as the challenges or as a deck of cards and play a game of poker! Get your deck today!

Card Decks

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Deck

Inside this deck of cards you will get 54 healthy living challenge cards. Everything from fitness moves to healthy eating. Challenge yourself to do one card a day and after you finish the deck, give them a shuffle and take on the challenge again! This deck has thousands of combinations and will help push you to live your life to the max!

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Affirmation Deck

Ward off negativity and welcome positivity into your life with our Affirmation Deck of cards. This deck has 54 positive affirmations that will help you know and commit to your full potential. Draw one or more cards every day and use those affirmations to guide you throughout the day. When you get through all 54, shuffle it up, and repeat!

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