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We TEACH and EMPOWER you to take OWNERSHIP of your life so you can live it to the MAX!

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Feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Or that there is more to life? It's time for you to conquer life by gaining positivity, improving your mindset, hone in focus, have support, and chase your passions to the max! 

Live Your Life to the Max by connecting with us in whatever way is most convenient for you. Whether it's on social media, an event, the hub, books, wherever. We are here to help guide you to conquering life and living it to the max!

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Kickstart your SUCCESS, feel AMAZING, and achieve your GOALS! Stop letting life hold you back. Release the shackles and start crushing your goals and dreams! We put together an absolutely killer 30 day challenge that will LAUNCH you to the NEXT LEVEL! With a structured plan, guides, tutorials, and unmatched support you will achieve success! If you are ready to IGNITE, Get your Igniter Pack today!!!

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Here are a few of the most popular ways you can be part of our family!

Surround yourself with positivity and challenge yourself to grow your happiness by participating in our complimentary 5 Day Positivity Challenge group!

Get a JOLT Of Energy and a quick tip in our Daily Energize podcast! Inside the Jonesin' for Show you'll learn strategies and hear stories from experts all around the world on how you can live your life to the max!

Join Spencer for complimentary guided meditations via the Insight Timer App and website! They happen Monday-Friday! 

There's nothing quite like a live event, especially in person events! And Katie and Spencer know how to give you a solid JOLT of energy! Or maybe you are looking for an online course to learn how to find balance or achieve more courage and confidence! Either way, you'll be ready to conquer your goals and dreams afterward!

Check out some of the fun reviews, interviews, and other exciting things we do to keep our outdoor zest alive and kicking!

Are you looking for a community that is supportive and positive without the worry of algorithms of social media! That's why we created our own platform and community! Learn more and join us!

Live your life to the max and represent Jonesin' for with our books, journals and swag! Living life to the max never looked so good!

Find Healthy Recipes, Outdoor Adventures, Workout Programs, and so much more in our Holistic Health section! 

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Spencer's Energy Hub is where all the cool kids are at, and we want you to join us! The Energy Hub is our membership community where you will experience:


-Weekly Trainings

-Monthly Master Interviews



-And So Much More

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About Spencer Jones

Learn more about Spencer an avid outdoorsman, coach, speaker, athlete, and why he loves helping you chase your passions and live your life to the MAX!

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